J-Fall 2019: Jessica Siewert – Robustness for event driven microservices

Customers using our microservices demand a trouble-free experience. In case of any problems you spent a lot of time assisting with and improving your services. How would it be if your services were so robust that your customers would never have any problems and just love using your services from the get go and for many years to come? Is that at all possible? Yes it is!

In this talk I’ll share how we tackled this at Simacan. The talk will provide examples of desired robustness practices and will reveal how this applies to your daily work as a software engineer. I will share with you how these practices have benefited our customers’ experience and lowered the support effort needed later. At the end of the talk you will have learned which specific things you can do while implementing your services to improve their robustness. You could start applying these from the very next day!

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