J-Fall 2016

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Aftermovie J-Spring 2017

J-Spring 2017 took place on Wednesday May 10th. The NLJUG looks back at a very successful event with enthusiastic and constructive responses from the community! This is the aftermovie of an enjoyable day!

J-Fall 2016 Ignite-sessies – 5 minute sessions – Multiple speakers

The mantra of Ignite talks is “Enlighten us, but make it quick”. Ignite is the name for a particular type of event that is held throughout the world (organized by volunteers) at which participants speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions according to a specific format. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Alexander Chatzizacharias & Erik Pronk – Developing VR apps in Java

Virtual reality is one of the most discussed emerging technologies of the past years. Especially in 2016, which marked the release of the first consumer VR headsets. Game developers all over the world are making awesome games for VR and companies are searching for cool new solutions using VR. Arguably the most used VR platform […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Arnout Engelen – Trace Deeper: Stack Unwinding

The JVM provides amazing tools to find out what’s going on inside it, allowing you to profile and trace your application, set breakpoint and debug. In the end the JVM itself is also just another program running on your machine. As such you can inspect it with low-level tools such as the GNU Project Debugger. […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Bernd Rücker – Using BPMN, DMN and CMMN on Camunda BPM

Expect plump marketing for our BPM platform. Uh, what? No, of course, the exact opposite! In this session I will demonstrate (and code) live, how certain issues in the BPMN 2.0 (workflows for “rigid” procedures), CMMN (Case Management for more flexibility) or DMN (Business Rules with decision tables) standards are modeled graphically and then executed […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Bert Ertman & Willem Dekker – The Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Modern Software Architectures increasingly rely on the network for parts of applications to communicate with each other. In the minds of many software developers the network will never fail. But when L Peter Deutsch wrote the “Fallacies of Distributed Computing” paper back in 1994, he was probably never more right than today. One of the […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Bram vd Hout & Wim Ederveen – Automat. delivery pipeline tijdens openingstijden

De business wil betaalbaar, op tijd de juiste software geleverd krijgen. Dat vereist een kleine afstand tussen klant en ontwikkelaar (agile) en tussen ontwikkelaar en beheersorganisatie (DevOps). Maar zelfs dan lukt het je als ontwikkelteam alleen als je snel, betrouwbaar en herhaalbaar software kan opleveren en testen. Continuous Delivery heeft in grote organisaties behoorlijk wat […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Bruno Borges – Delivering Better Faster Microservices + Mobile Apps w/t Cloud

New cloud technologies and services have emerged to enable developers for quick develop and deploy of Microservices. They often provide easy environment provisioning, setup, management and elastic scale, without needing to manually intervene into the infrastructure. For developers still wondering what is available out there, this session will walk them through the latest trends in […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Bruno Borges & Sharat Chander – Java – The Ecosystem Awakens

In a galaxy far, far away, a technology was born in a time of closed and proprietary software solutions. A small group of engineers called the “Green Team” believed that the next wave in computing was the union of digital consumer devices and computers. Led by James Gosling, this team worked around the clock and […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker David Delabassee – Java EE Next

Cloud, Containerization, Microservices Architecture, Serverless Architecture, Reactive programming, HTTP/2, NoSQL… many paradigms that will impact, partly or greatly, the way we develop and deploy server-side applications in the years to come. Should the Java EE Platform try to address all those paradigms? Or should we just keep calm, carry on and avoid falling in the […]