J-Fall 2017

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J-Fall 2017 Speaker Rhodé Reuijl-Zwijnenburg – What can be done with Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

There is much to do about Blockchain these days. It may be the biggest technological innovation since the internet. Some say it is the solution to ‘almost everything’: the solution to corruption, the solution to be able to vote safely, anonymously and online, the solution for improperly spent money addressed to development aid and so […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Guy Rombaut – From Monolithic to SoC: Architecture & Teams

In this talk, I will discuss the evolution of frontend architecture – from monolith software which consist of backend and front end together (e.g. PHP generating JS/HTML), to separation of concerns (use of APIs, micro services etc). In addition, I will discuss about how different type of architectures and patterns can match to the growth […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Rudy de Busscher – Getting started with Java EE Security API

This session starts with a short overview of the concepts which are defined within the new Java EE Security API (JSR-375) Once we all know what we are talking about, some example applications will be shown to illustrate these concepts. They will use a variety of external systems (like a database, LDAP server, Google OAuth2, […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Steve Poole – Java in the 21st Century: are you thinking far enough ahead?

It is all change in the Java arena. Java 9 ships with the long awaited modularity support. Oracle plans to contribute Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation and to top it all, IBM announces both Open Liberty (based on its flagship application server ) and OpenJ9 it’s enterprise proven Java Virtual Machine. In this talk […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Heinz Kabutz – Safely Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Java 9

So what work do you do?” “Um, computers.” “Oh nice, what exactly?” “Well, I code Java”. And then: “Actually, I have a question about that. My PC says I must update Java …” Two decades ago, the world gasped as an applet moved pixels on a web page. Dynamic content on the World Wide Wait! […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Heather VanCura – Panel session with Java Experts – How to Grow Your Career

This session includes advice on how developers can manage their careers and create opportunities for further advancement by participating in collaborative activities such as open-source development projects and participation the Java Community Process and adoption efforts. In this session you will learn practical advice derived from our collective years of experience working with the Java […]

J-Fall 2017 Jeroen Borgers – New Java performance developments: Compilation and Garbage Collection

Java kent sinds het begin JIT-compilatie die gebruik maakt van profiling tijdens runtime. Client en server compiler zijn inmiddels gecombineerd in Tiered Compilation met behoud van voordelen van beide. Nu is er met Java 9 experimenteel AOT-compilatie bijgekomen: Ahead Of Time. Dit geeft nieuwe mogelijkheden qua performance met name tijdens opstarten en opwarmen van applicaties. […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Joris Kuipers – Come Fly With Me: Database Migration Patterns with Flyway

If your application is using a relational database, you’ll have to deal with regular schema changes and other database-related changes as part of your development and deploys. Flyway is an OSS Java tool that helps to you reliably and automatically execute database migrations to ensure that your database schema is always up-to-date with respect to […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Arun Gupta – Build, Debug and Deploy your first Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs that interact via auditory or textual methods. They can be integrated in any chat service like Slack or Facebook Messenger. You can talk to them using SMS. You can even converse with them using Alexa. This talk will explain how I built first chatbot for our Star Wars-struck family. Attendees will […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Michel Schudel – No-frills REST api testing with REST-Assured

As the number of REST based services in our application landscape grows, we better make sure they are tested really well! Component-Testing REST API’s (that is, testing the REST API against a fully deployed artifact) can be a bit of a pain, however, using existing solutions like SoapUI, PostMan, or Cucumber. Enter REST-Assured, a library […]