J-Fall 2017

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J-Fall 2017 Speakers Bert Gritter & Fokke Hania – De Prijzenaanslag

Ben je echt zo goed in Java als je denkt? Bewijs het maar op de Prijzenaanslag! Toets je kennis op het gebied van Java met diverse vragen uit het Java-vakgebied. De serieuze vragen over het brede Java vakgebied worden afgewisseld met vragen uit de categorie Java-bloopers en met vragen met een knipoog naar de dagelijkse […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Hanno Embregts – Building a Spring Boot application: Ask the Audience!

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone Spring-based application that you can ‘just run’. It uses a ‘convention over configuration’ approach to get you up and running in no-time, while offering all Spring features that you have grown fond of in the past years. In this session this is demonstrated by live-coding a Spring […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Sam Aaron – Live Coding Time & State with Sonic Pi

Live Coding systems encourage us to think extremely differently about programming languages. In addition to considering standard requirements such as reliability, efficiency and correctness we are also forced to deal with issues such as liveness, coordination and synchronization all whilst working in real time. Live Coders not only run and modify our code live — […]

J-Fall 2017 Aftermovie

On Thursday November 2, 2017 the NLJUG (Dutch Java User Group) organized the biggest Java conference of the Netherlands in the Cinemec at Ede. With over 1,500 Java developers, more than 50 technical sessions and 76 speakers, J-Fall 2017 was truly awesome! See you next year at J-Fall 2018

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Brian Benz – Top ways to deliver your code to the cloud

In this session, I’ll highlight the easiest ways for full stack developers to deliver their code to the cloud and the best ways to reliably make updates and maintain production cloud code. The focus will be on real-world examples with working demos using Linux command line tools, VMs, Docker, Kubernetes, serverless functions, open source tools […]

J-Fall 2017 Sander Uiterkamp & Jeroen Resoort – A journey from batch to streaming with Kafka Streams

Liander, a local Distributed System Operators (DSO) (netbeheerder), is building a new system for the handling of millions of smart meter data requests. In this talk we dive into the details of this new system which has a planned go-live date of September 30th. The new system is built around a central Kafka bus. It […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Roy van Rijn – Fostering an evolving architecture in the agile world

What is software architecture? Is it the decision to adopt microservices? Is it the document that describes the layers in your Java EE application? No, every line of code you commit is part of your evolving architecture. During this talk I’ll explain how we, at the Port of Rotterdam, manage our software architecture in an […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Lucas Jellema – Event Bus as Backbone for Decoupled Microservice Choreography

Microservices are independent, encapsulated entities that produce meaningful results and business functionality in tentative collaboration. Events and pub/sub are great for allowing such decoupled interaction. Using Apache Kafka as robust, distributed, real-time, high volume event bus, this session demonstrates how microservices packaged with Docker and implemented in Java, Node, Python and SQL collaborate unknowingly. The […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Richard Abbuhl – AI self-learning game playing

The big hype these days is how machine learning is going to take away everyone’s job in a few years. Robots will be everywhere to do everything. Computers will drive our cars, do our chores, and we are stuck in a life of leisure. Alpha Go recently beat the best player in the world and […]

J-Fall 2017 Speakers Martijn Straatman & Martijn van Tiel – Next step Continuous Delivery @ DUO

In 2016 stond ik hier met het verhaal waarin naar voren kwam dat DUO de stap heeft gemaakt van een complexe en grotendeels door handmatige acties vormgegeven platform naar een goed functionerend en geautomatiseerd Continuous Delivery platform waarop inmiddels volledigIn 2016 stond ik hier met het verhaal waarin naar voren kwam dat DUO de stap […]