J-Fall 2016 Speaker James Strachan – Develop faster with an open source microservices platform

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These days time to value is critical. We all need to develop better software and to get it to customers faster. The quicker the software gets to customers, the more iterations and feedback then the more value we create. Continuous Delivery of Containerized Microservices is the best approach today for developing better software and iterating fast. However without a Microservices Platform it can be challenging creating, building, deploying and managing many independent microservices. In this talk we’ll introduce the Fabric8 Microservices Platform which is open source, Apache Licensed and built on top of the shoulders of giants; Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins. We’ll demonstrate how to create microservices easily, have them automatically built, tested and staged with Continuous Delivery and deal with the issues of building microservices architectures like service discovery, high availability, auto scaling, rolling upgrades, circuit breakers, tracing, logging and metrics. After this talk you should be ready to embark on your microservices journey; armed with lots of great open source tools to automate every step of the way – but the writing code part ;)!
Bio van James Strachan
I created Apache Camel and the Groovy programming language. These days I mostly work on an open source microservices platform based on Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins called Fabric8: http://fabric8.io/
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