J-Fall 2016 Speaker James Weaver & Sandhya Kapoor – Cognitive Computing Exposed!

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The terms “machine learning” and “cognitive computing” are increasingly bandied about in corporate settings and cocktail parties, but what are they, really? In this session we’ll answer that question, providing an approachable overview of relevant concepts, technologies, and use cases. We’ll then take a deeper dive into machine learning topics such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning. We’ll also examine cloud-based cognitive computing technologies, such as Watson Conversation and Retrieve & Rank. You’ll be the hit of your next party when you’re able to express the near-magical inner-workings of artificial neural networks, as well as create a chatbot that appears more intelligent than the person in your face that’s had one too many!

Bio van James Weaver & Sandhya Kapoor

James Weaver

James Weaver is a Java developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping Java to be increasingly leveraged in cloud-native and machine learning applications. He is a Java Champion, and a JavaOne Rockstar. James has written books including Inside Java, Beginning J2EE, the Pro JavaFX series, and Java with Raspberry Pi. As an Pivotal Evangelist, James speaks internationally at software technology conferences about Java and Cloud Native development. James tweets as @JavaFXpert, blogs at http://JavaFXpert.com and http://CulturedEar.com and may be reached at jweaver [at] pivotal.io

Sandhya Kapoor

Sandhya Kapoor specializes in the intersection of Cloud Computing and middleware software at IBM. She has worked in WebSphere Application Server and Business Process Manager development, supported enterprise customers and business partners. Sandhya is currently working on Cloud Security and Cognitive Computing. Sandhya has published articles, presented at conferences, and plays an active role in “Women in Tech” organizations. She graduated in 1989 with Master’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Sandhya tweets as @sandhyakapoor9, blogs at https://www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/ and may be reached at kapoor@us.ibm.com.

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