J-Fall 2020 Virtual25 Videos

Full title: J-Fall Virtual 2020: Simone van Erp, Marin Jankovski, Daniel Gebler & Daan van Osch – Panel Discussion about remote working in this Corona era

Please excuse us for the missing of the first question: How do you personally feel about working from home and how does it affect you? Bio Simone: Co-owner IT Rockstars. Wij zien IT’ers als de Rockstars van dit moment én van de toekomst. Alle grote veranderingen in de wereld komen van hun hand. Van elektrische […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Holly Cummins – Cloud chaos and microservices mayhem

The way we use Java has changed. Applets – or any browser-side Java – are a long, long, time ago. Java moved to the back end, and stayed there, but the back-end has gotten bigger, more distributed, and more complicated. Some things that were a good idea ten years ago turn out to be a […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Peter Nagy – Infinitely scalable microservices with Project Loom and Helidon

Project Loom introduces VirtualThreads to OpenJDK. VirtualThreads are so lightweight that they are practically an unbounded resource. You can use as many as you like! Blocking I/O? No problem. Forget reactive and return to those simpler, joyful times of synchronous programing. In this talk you will learn about VirtualThreads and see our experimental result with […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020 – Gunnar Morling & Andres Almiray – Plug-in Architectures With Layrry and the Java Module System

The Java Module System lays the foundation for building modularized applications on the JVM. It doesn’t concern itself though with resolving module versions and obtaining modules from repositories. This is where Layrry comes in: an API and launcher for modularized Java applications which takes a descriptor of the module layer(s) to assemble, fetches the modules […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Michel Schudel – The Java Roadshow, Episode 15

Java 15 hit the shelves in September this year. So what can you expect from this release? In this session, we will walk through all new features, including all language and API enhancements, but we’ll also look at stuff “under the hood” that will make your JVM experience all the more enjoyable! Furthermore, we’ll answer […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Duncan Bloem – Migration strategy from (10-15yr) old Java-EE app to modern cloud native apps

10 to 15yrs ago, ABN begun leveraging internet banking. Many (thousands) of web-app were written in java-ee style, deploy on IBM Websphere clustered machines. Remote EJB2 and JNDI was the prefered way to create small and flexible applications. Everything was focussed to _prevent_ deployments at all costs. Because of the long deployment cycle. Nowadays, we […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Maarten Smeets – Reactive Relational Database Connectivity using R2DBC

JDBC has been the de-facto standard for accessing relational databases for a long time. Times are however changing. In cloud environments the pay-per-use model is popular. If you can use resources more efficiently, you can save money! In addition, when running applications at cloud-scale, the number of concurrent requests which hit your services can skyrocket. […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Dieter Hubau – Automated Path to Production of Java Applications using Open Source and VMware Tanzu

Many enterprises have already matured to the point where Continuous Integration is standardized and every development team tests and builds each Git commit. Some of the enterprises are going a step further and are already containerizing that application in a standardized way using specific tooling, removing the need for maintaining the dreaded Dockerfiles and their […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Wouter Oet, Martin Visser, João Viegas & Chris Stapper – Keynote: Building Building Blocks

In previous Rabobank keynotes we showed the power of our PCF platform. But PCF is just one of the building blocks we offer to our hundreds of feature teams. In this keynote, 3 people from different parts of the organisation will speak about how their teams build building blocks for the feature teams to use. […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Maarten Mulders & Martin Kanters – Making Maven Marvellous

Have you ever used Maven, ran into a bug and thought: “How on earth can a project this old have this bug?”. Then join this session! Maven, although a well-known and well-trusted project, is run by a relatively small bunch of people. There’s simply more work to do than these people can do! So instead […]