J-Fall Virtual 2020: Wouter Oet, Martin Visser, João Viegas & Chris Stapper – Keynote: Building Building Blocks

In previous Rabobank keynotes we showed the power of our PCF platform. But PCF is just one of the building blocks we offer to our hundreds of feature teams. In this keynote, 3 people from different parts of the organisation will speak about how their teams build building blocks for the feature teams to use. This will give you an insight on how Rabobank is able to build software fast.

Bio Wouter:

Wouter Oet works as a Software Engineer for the Rabobank. He is passionate about Java based technologies and spends way to much free time at meetup’s. Wouter loves to share knowledge and help people to grow.

Bio Martin:

Martin Visser is a hands-on software architect for Blue4IT who has been working for Rabobank for more than 3 years and nearly 14 years of Java experience. He has a lot of experience with all sorts of Spring Boot applications and optimizing those to work in a high available financial environment. He has a passion for Java and obviously likes to work with the latest features and frameworks.

Bio João:

João Viegas works as a Software Engineer at Rabobank and is part of the small team that develops and maintains the PCF platform for all of Rabobank. A professional with 25+ years of experience, has worked in several areas, from DBA to Research & Development Director. Loves to create new products and developing solutions for actual problems.

Bio Chris:

Chris is Community Manager at Rabobank. A short summary of his job is to connect people, initiatives and ideas throughout the organisation. Chris loves solving complex (communication) puzzles and helping people grow. Kindly note: don’t let him talk about philosophy.

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