J-Fall 2020 Virtual25 Videos

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Alex Soto – Serverless-Native Java with Quarkus

Serverless architecture is exactly the opposite of a monolith architecture, small services (or functions) running in a constrained running environment (limited access to CPU and memory). Furthermore, as we move to a model where we pay per usage, the services might need to go from 0 to infinite instances in a matter of milliseconds to […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Vadym Markelov – Mutation testing in practice

This session showcases advanced metrics of dynamic testing and how they can be used to detect hidden defects in the software applications. We will apply the white-box approach to focus on the internal structures of an application and to exercise paths through the code. There are two actors during the software test: the application and […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Josh Long – Keynote: Cloud Native Java, Redux

Join Spring developer advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) for a guided tour to a ton of the features, patterns and principles that support you when building productions-optimized cloud native Java applications. Bio Josh: Josh (@starbuxman) has been the first Spring Developer Advocate since 2010. Josh is a Java Champion, author of 6 books (including O’Reilly’s “Cloud […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ádám Sándor – Modernize and Automate your Java Application for Kubernetes

Java applications can be a pain to operate on Kubernetes as many of them have been developed without containers and Kubernetes in mind. Operations folks are forced to understand how each of them gets configured (was that a system property or env var?) how it was crammed into a Docker image (Spring Boot self contained […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Thorben Janssen – Cause of Death: Hibernate

For years Hibernate has been optimized to store data and load of entire object graphs from the database. So you should assume that most persistence problems could be avoided by using Hibernate alone. But it’s surprisingly easy to harm your project with … or should I better say “thanks to Hibernate” … From practical experience […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Jeroen Borgers – Fixing your performance and concurrency bugs before they bite you

Performance and concurrency bugs are the most difficult to find types of bugs. Once they are released in production, they tend to hide and wait for the right moment to attack you in unexpected ways, which makes them so difficult to catch. In this presentation, I will show you several of those defects in Java […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Roy van Rijn & Roy Braam – 30 minutes of Failure

This talk will be filled with failure. Innocent failures, funny failures, small failures, but also failures that took out an entire online banking system for hours. Failures made with a single click and elaborate failures that took months of preparation. There is nothing better than gloating about mistakes and learning from them. Failure often comes […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ivar Grimstad – Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond

Jakarta EE 9 is coming! This is the second release of Jakarta EE since the transition from the Java Community Process (JCP) to the Eclipse Foundation. In this session, we will go through every aspect of Jakarta EE 9 and how this release lowers the barriers of entry, eases the migration, and lays the foundation […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Rory Preddy – Programming for Accessibility

My life is a hilarious roller coaster of miss-intended programming bugs because at 120 cm tall and 50 kilograms I completely fall off your radar. Why did my scale call me! Why does facial recognition see me as a child? These are all valid questions I often ask myself as I navigate my weird and […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ignite Sessions

Tetris Shaped Developers By Berwout de Vries Robles T-shaped professionals is a term we have used to describe people working in Software Development for years now and it did not age well. It no longer accurately describes the field of Software Development and on top of that it is a much too boring account of […]