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J-Fall 2018: Peter Hilton – Flat HTTP API Documentation

The way we write API docs is highly structured, natural to programmers, and wrong. HTTP API documentation typically looks nothing like the requests and responses it describes. This creates extra work for the reader to understand the documentation structure, and figure out how to translate that to code. It also makes it harder to spot […]

TEQnation 2019: Angelo van der Sijpt – What every developer needs to know about cryptography

Cryptography is often shrouded like it is a black art. While you should stay away from implementing your own crypto, there’s plenty of components available in the Java ecosystem that can help you. But, what are they, and what to all those terms mean? In this session, we will unpack the jargon and show you […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Peter van den Berkmortel & Erik Brakkee – Managing and monitoring a JVM

It is relatively easy to run a Java enterprise application under a low system load in a development environment. However, this gets a lot more difficult if the same application is running in production with a continuous high load, many concurrent users, performing many different tasks varying from short interactions (displaying an object), to long […]

Full title: J-Fall Virtual 2020: Simone van Erp, Marin Jankovski, Daniel Gebler & Daan van Osch – Panel Discussion about remote working in this Corona era

Please excuse us for the missing of the first question: How do you personally feel about working from home and how does it affect you? Bio Simone: Co-owner IT Rockstars. Wij zien IT’ers als de Rockstars van dit moment én van de toekomst. Alle grote veranderingen in de wereld komen van hun hand. Van elektrische […]

J-Fall 2018: Rene Boere – The cool stuff about front-end development and platform engineering

De ontwikkelingen op het gebied van front-end gaan razendsnel. Gebruikers communiceren via meerdere kanalen met back-end systemen, via web-interfaces maar ook via apps en REST interfaces. 24×7 beschikbaarheid is de norm. Een nieuwe release? Graag volledig geautomatiseerd getest en snel naar productie. Hoe ontwikkel je op een professionele manier een front-end? Hoe ga je om […]

TEQnation 2019: Tim van Deursen – Keynote: When technology meets empathy

In a world with more refugees than ever, with new wars flaring up and new walls rising, we need to find better ways to connect and communicate. Tim van Deursen shows how innovative technology can make a difference in humanitarian challenges. His documentary “Meet the Soldier” sends soldiers of rivalling tribes in Karamoja, Uganda, on […]

J-Spring 2018: Roy van Rijn – Fostering an evolving architecture in the agile world

What is software architecture? Is it the decision to adopt microservices? Is it the document that describes the layers in your Java EE application? No, every line of code you commit is part of your evolving architecture. During this talk I’ll explain how we, at the Port of Rotterdam, manage our software architecture in an […]

Future Tech Masterclasses Live: April Edwards & Abel Wang – Agile to DevOps with GitHub Actions

Especially for the Future Tech Masterclasses, Microsoft’s April Edwards and Abel Wang will do a joint session! They’ll share all the excitement around agile working, DevOps, and how you can use GitHub Actions to deploy your applications! Bio April: April is a senior software engineer and cloud advocate for Microsoft specializing in datacentre modernization and […]

J-Fall 2018: Roy Braam & Hilario Trindade – Going from nothing to production within an hour @ the Rabobank

What does it mean for a big financial company to go large scale to the public cloud? What effect has this on the 200+ teams? What is needed to enable teams migrating their services from an on-premises modular monolith to a microservices architecture based on PCF, while ‘keeping the shop open’? We will share our […]

TEQnation 2019: Ramon Wieleman & Artem Makarov – Get Shit Done – 25 tips to focus, get work done and become a better developer

Please excuse us for the bad audio quality at the start With the uprise of smartphones, social media and IoT, our day-to-day life is so much different than 10 years ago. We receive hundreds of notifications per day, our email inbox is getting filled on evenings and weekends and we only see successful people on […]