TEQnation 2019: Thodoris Bais – Why you should get involved in a local developer community

Full title: Why you should get involved in a local developer community – a panel discussion with community experts Note: Please excuse us for the audio quality Attending conferences and meetups is a great way to learn about emerging technologies, meeting new people and to get new insights. Staying up-to-date with the latest frameworks, libraries and languages is key to become (and continue to be) a good quality developer. But who are all these brave people in the stage spotlights who are sharing their knowledge and experience to the audience? What moves them and how did they get there? How did they become technology experts and how did they get started to transform their bright ideas into an entertaining and quality presentation? And who is doing all those efforts to host such a meetup? In this unconference session you will get all the answers to these questions! We will host a live panel discussion with the community leaders from local meetups and user groups who will share their insights about these topics. They will share their opinion about various topics, like: how to setup your own developer community, how you participate in it and how to share your knowledge on stage. You will learn how to get started as a speaker and which steps you can take to accomplish this. During this session, there will be plenty of room for participants to ask questions to the community leaders and to share their own experiences and insights.

This session will be hosted by Thodoris Bais and panel members will be representatives from various developer communities like: Bert Jan Schrijver (NLJUG), Johan Stokking (The Things Network), Marcel Meijer (SDN) and others.

Bio Thodoris

Thodoris is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master for a big bank and contributes to the prosperity of the (software) community in many ways. He is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group, which counts more than 2000 members and 30 meetups in only 3 years and has hosted exceptional speakers (where among others, James Gosling and Uncle Bob). Besides, he serves coderetreat.org as a Board Member and helps new communities in making their first steps. Thodoris Bais serves the Expert Group of JSR-385 (Unit-API) and has been giving Leadership trainings to small groups of individuals for the past 2 years. Previously: 5 years of Software Engineering, 2 years as a Technical Author (Java Code Geeks, Web Code Geeks, personal blog), Open-source contributor. His views are expressed via his Twitter handle @thodorisbais

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