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TEQnation 2019: Pim Stolk – Banking Reinvented: IoT Payments

With “Banking of Things” we enable any IoT device to perform autonomous transactions on your behalf in a secure manner. With this talk, I’ll take you on a journey of how we created a completely new IoT payment platform under 9 months. This payment platform consists of 1. IoT SDKs in various languages ranging from […]

TEQnation 2019: Jeroen Resoort – Mesh Networking for IoT

It can be challenging to keep your IOT devices connected to a reliable network and with a good battery life. Find out how mesh networking can help you out! By using mesh technology we will connect multiple devices to the internet using low power device-to-device communication. You can expect to see live demo’s and coding […]

TEQnation 2019: Mohammad Zarifi & Yvonne Duits – Wearables

ABN AMRO possesses a clear and bold purpose: banking for better, for generations to come. The bank’s impact on society and on the economy is tremendous, and for our contribution to be both positive and enduring we need to make the right choices. Everything that we do derives from our purpose: now and in the […]

TEQnation 2019: Robert van Mölken – Programming your autonomous drone with Droneblocks and Python

Note: Please excuse us for the audio quality Currently many things are being made autonomous. In this geeky sessions we are going to make our own autonomous drone using the Ryze/DJI Tello. One thing that sets the Tello apart from other drones is that you can program it movements using multible programming languages. In this […]

TEQnation 2019 teaser

TEQnation is the Developer Conference of Tomorrow, bringing more than 50 speakers, various exhibitors, live demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities. We’re gearing up for a new and improved edition of TEQnation. We’re super excited and you should be too. Why you might ask? 1.000+ Visitors | 25+ Partners | 50+ Speakers are waiting for YOU!  […]

Future Tech 2019: Remi Caron – IOT and the platform revolution

Please excuse us for the camera quality of this video. The camera shifted while filming and wasn’t corrected until the end of the video. Our sincere apologies. Within Versa we have created a luggage tracker. The device itself is an interesting piece of hardware but stupid as F*!. The combination of platforms in the Travel, […]

Future Tech 2019: Eldert Grootenboer – Solidifying industrial IoT with Azure IoT Hub

In this session we will dive into IoT Hub and how we can use it to incorporate our devices. We will go into the management, device to cloud and cloud to device capabilities of IoT Hub, as well as see how we can use Dynamics 365 extend on this. Using Connected Field Services we can […]

Future Tech 2019: Edwin van Wijk – Building IoT solutions using Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge is a service that enables you to build distributed IoT solutions that leverage “edge” devices. The IoT Edge runtime uses the power of containerization with Docker to run Machine Learning jobs, Stream Analytics jobs, Azure functions or custom code on edge devices like a PC, a Raspberry Pi, a robot or a […]

J-Fall 2018: Berwout de Vries Robles – Impromptu Orchestra

In recent years there have been some large developments in web technology. The introduction of HTTP/2 in 2015 has given new life to Server Sent Events as Reactive Streams. To explore these technologies with you, I have made an application that turns the audience into an orchestra using Reactive Streams. In the talk we will […]

J-Fall 2018: Jago de Vreede – Play an acoustic guitar with a Raspberry Pi

Although I’m a complete noob at playing the guitar. But not so with building stuff and building software, so why not having a Raspberry Pi play it? The first prototype was put together in less than a week, and was able to play a few songs a lot better than I ever will. There is […]