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J-Fall 2016 Speaker Joost den Boer – Sharing 2 years experience using Scala in a real project

In Januari 2015 we started on a new project using Scala with a team which had hardly any Scala experience. In this talk I’d like to share insights and experiences during a 2-year journey of using Scala/Akka in a real project, how the team learned Scala and slowly found it’s way into functional programming. It […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Martijn Blankestijn – CQRS: Processing the events to query-databases

Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing (ES) have been around since the mid 2000’s, so nothing new there. CQRS even draws on principles formulated in the 90’s to separate the reads (queries) from the writes (commands) of the application. Application of these patterns means a different way of thinking about modelling and consistency. […]

J-Fall 2017 Speaker Peter Hilton – How to name things: the hardest problem in programming

Developers can get better at their craft by learning from the great writers who mastered theirs. Writing software isn’t the same as writing a novel, but there are parallels. Besides, advice from writers is better because writers have been struggling with their craft for many centuries, not just a few decades. It’s better-written as well. […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Jan-Willem van Hermon & Bert Gritter – Van wetboek naar online aangifte

Elke burger kent een of Ook de Belastingdienst heeft sinds vorig jaar met zijn eigen portaal voor particulieren. Het team OnLine Aangifte ontwikkelt voor dit portaal formulieren waarmee burgers online aangifte kunnen doen. In deze sessie bespreken hoe we voor het portaal de wet inkomstenbelasting vertalen naar een GWT-web-applicatie. Belangrijke uitdagingen als […]

J-Spring 2018: Bert Ertman – Thinking about my doorbell

When the White Stripes wrote their song ‘My Doorbell’ back in 2005, they had no idea it was actually about this very presentation and MY doorbell. “Yeah, I’m thinking about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it” And then what?! Well…then I want to ask it who is in front […]

J-Fall 2018: Venkat Subramaniam – Java Functional Programming Idioms

A number of developers and organizations are beginning to make use of Functional Programming in Java. With anything that’s new, we often learn it the hard way. By stepping back and taking a look at programming style as idioms, we can quickly gravitate towards better coding style and also avoid some common traps that we […]

J-Fall 2018: Opening movie

J-Fall 2018 heeft ruim 1.500 Java professionals mogen ontvangen voor de beste sessies en workshops over Java in de bioscoopzalen van Pathé Ede. De dag startte met de early bird sessies, maar de echte opening begon met deze film. Alle lof voor de maker van deze film: Michiel van MediaTaal ( ) Met trots presenteren we jullie […]

J-Fall 2019: Jeroen Reijn – What’s a service mesh and why do i need one?

You’ve been creating this cloud-native microservice based architecture. Continuous delivery pipelines, cloud-based deployments, and Kubernetes managed Docker containers. You are ready to scale beyond your wildest dreams. Now, while taking a step back, you notice that your services contain more than just the business logic you intended to write. Proper communication is key in a […]

J-Fall 2019: Grace Jansen – Reacting to the future of application architecture

Ever wondered how honeybees have come to be some of the world’s most efficient architects? Learn how we can all use mother nature’s expertise to better architect our software solutions to be more reactive, responsive and resilient through reactive architecture frameworks. I will be explaining the principles of reactive systems (including the key points behind […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Robbert Noordzij – Building a high performing Passenger Information System

Everyday millions of passengers commute by train. Using apps, websites and overhead displays they plan their journey through the network. Over 30.000 train activities including all their changes need to be communicated. The current software is over 10 years old and is hard to change. The original plan of rebuilding the software would stretch 8 […]