J-Fall Virtual 2020: Jeroen Borgers – Fixing your performance and concurrency bugs before they bite you

Performance and concurrency bugs are the most difficult to find types of bugs. Once they are released in production, they tend to hide and wait for the right moment to attack you in unexpected ways, which makes them so difficult to catch. In this presentation, I will show you several of those defects in Java code from practice and how they can hurt you. Additionally, I will present you our solution: our own, open sourced tooling to detect these hidden bugs in your Java code. This enables you to extinct those bugs at the source, avoid the hunting and assure they will not bite you.

Bio Jeroen:

Jeroen has extensive experience in the field of application performance and enterprise Java. He has worked many years as a senior consultant for numerous organisations in various industries, as developer, architect, team leader, quality officer, mentor, auditor, performance tester, tuner, troubleshooter and trainer. He provides the Accelerating Java Applications open training twice a year.


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