J-Fall Virtual 2020: Igmar Palsenberg – Shifting gear, A Reactive Story in Banking

When I joined ING, I was new to payments. I quickly learned that payments is a complex beast. Payments are in a lot of cases is based on “old” technologies, since it’s usually one of the oldest service the bank runs. Most banks still run a considerable amount of COBOL code. That by itself poses a set of unique problems, and banks are moving over to modern Java technologies. I was hired to start the reactive systems car, and quickly shift it into the fifth gear. Being an experience developer and architect with a great team is what really drove me for the past two years. We POC’d a number of reactive technologies and programming languages, to ultimately and up with Akka and Java. Then we really started on our reactive journey : The initial design with took a month, the scoped target product, the actual development and at the end, the delivery and putting it in production. We had a few setbacks, messed things up, had success stories, and had a lot of lessons on implementing our reactive, scalable payment engine. I want to share our story with you, and tell your how we did it, and delivered a modern, scalable, resilient system in a traditional world.

Bio Igmar:

Igmar is a payment engine engineer at ING. He leads the Java teams, that write reactive payment engines for SEPA payment processing.He specializes in Akka as the core of our message driven architecture.He is a long time RHEL / Fedora user, and enjoys troubleshooting when shit has hit the fan.

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