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12 Ways to Make Code Smell Less by Venkat Subramaniam – NLJUG University Session

Venkat Subramaniam is zonder twijfel een van de beste sprekers uit de Java-wereld. We zijn er dan ook zeer trots op dat Venkat op maandag 11 september voor de NLJUG naar Nederland is gekomen om te spreken. Je kunt de hele sessie met Venkat hier bekijken. Twelve Ways to Make Code Smell Less We all […]

Aftermovie J-Fall 2018

On Thursday November 8, 2018 the NLJUG (Dutch Java User Group) organized the biggest Java conference of the Netherlands in the Pathe cinema at Ede. With over 1,500 Java developers, more than 50 technical sessions and 60+ speakers, J-Fall 2018 was truly awesome! See you next year at J-Fall 2019!

Aftermovie J-Spring 2017

J-Spring 2017 took place on Wednesday May 10th. The NLJUG looks back at a very successful event with enthusiastic and constructive responses from the community! This is the aftermovie of an enjoyable day!

Aftermovie University Session: Venkat Subramaniam

The NLJUG University Session with the great Venkat Subramaniam was a huge succes! The 11th of September the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht was a Java-epicentre. It was an evening full of learning, networking and fun. See our aftermovie for an impression. Big thanks to the sponsors: Blue4IT & Craftsmen

Dmitry Kornilov – Building cloud-native microservices with project Helidon

MicroProfile is a collection of Java APIs and technologies for developing microservices portable across multiple runtimes. Project Helidon is a high-efficient modern MicroProfile implementation plus a reactive “zero-magic” functional style APIs, GraalVM integration, gRPC support and other cool features. Come to this session to learn about project Helidon. As part of the presentation I will […]

Exclusive Q&A – James Gosling

The godfather of Java: James Gosling was invited to the Netherland by Blue4IT, AWS and the NLJUG at the Amazon Web Services office in Amsterdam. On 17 October 2018 multiple developers saw a chance to ask their questions of James Gosling. Which resulted in a very interesting view of the past, present and future of […]

Full title: J-Fall Virtual 2020: Simone van Erp, Marin Jankovski, Daniel Gebler & Daan van Osch – Panel Discussion about remote working in this Corona era

Please excuse us for the missing of the first question: How do you personally feel about working from home and how does it affect you? Bio Simone: Co-owner IT Rockstars. Wij zien IT’ers als de Rockstars van dit moment én van de toekomst. Alle grote veranderingen in de wereld komen van hun hand. Van elektrische […]

J-Fal 2018: Nicolai Parlog – Fun with var in Java 11

Since Java 10 you can use var to let the compiler infer a local variables type And thats pretty much it, right? Surprisingly, no! There are a lot of details to consider… is this JavaScript?! how exactly is the type inferred? where can I use var and what should I look out for? wont this […]

J-Fall 2013 Aftermovie

De aftermovie van J-Fall 2013 van 6 november 2013 in Hart van Holland te Nijkerk. Voor meer informatie over J-Fall en NLJUG, ga naar

J-Fall 2014 Aftermovie – Hét Java-evenement van Nederland van NLJUG

Op woensdag 5 november 2014 organiseerde de NLJUG wederom hét Java-evenement van Nederland: J-Fall 2014. De organisatie had ook dit jaar weer gewerkt aan een spraakmakend programma met vele nationale en internationale topsprekers. Deze dag werd gebruikt om de kennis bij te spijkeren en collega vakgenoten te ontmoeten. De conferentie vond plaats in het congrescentrum […]