J-Fall 2020 Virtual25 Videos

Full title: J-Fall Virtual 2020: Simone van Erp, Marin Jankovski, Daniel Gebler & Daan van Osch – Panel Discussion about remote working in this Corona era

Please excuse us for the missing of the first question: How do you personally feel about working from home and how does it affect you? Bio Simone: Co-owner IT Rockstars. Wij zien IT’ers als de Rockstars van dit moment én van de toekomst. Alle grote veranderingen in de wereld komen van hun hand. Van elektrische […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020 – Gunnar Morling & Andres Almiray – Plug-in Architectures With Layrry and the Java Module System

The Java Module System lays the foundation for building modularized applications on the JVM. It doesn’t concern itself though with resolving module versions and obtaining modules from repositories. This is where Layrry comes in: an API and launcher for modularized Java applications which takes a descriptor of the module layer(s) to assemble, fetches the modules […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ádám Sándor – Modernize and Automate your Java Application for Kubernetes

Java applications can be a pain to operate on Kubernetes as many of them have been developed without containers and Kubernetes in mind. Operations folks are forced to understand how each of them gets configured (was that a system property or env var?) how it was crammed into a Docker image (Spring Boot self contained […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Alex Soto – Serverless-Native Java with Quarkus

Serverless architecture is exactly the opposite of a monolith architecture, small services (or functions) running in a constrained running environment (limited access to CPU and memory). Furthermore, as we move to a model where we pay per usage, the services might need to go from 0 to infinite instances in a matter of milliseconds to […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Brian Vermeer – Securing Containers by Breaking in

There’s no better way to understand container security than seeing some live hacking! This session introduces the state of docker security by reviewing vulnerabilities in Docker images and their impact on applications and demonstrates via hands-on live hacking. This session further provides the audience with security best practices when building docker container images, and each […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Dieter Hubau – Automated Path to Production of Java Applications using Open Source and VMware Tanzu

Many enterprises have already matured to the point where Continuous Integration is standardized and every development team tests and builds each Git commit. Some of the enterprises are going a step further and are already containerizing that application in a standardized way using specific tooling, removing the need for maintaining the dreaded Dockerfiles and their […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Duncan Bloem – Migration strategy from (10-15yr) old Java-EE app to modern cloud native apps

10 to 15yrs ago, ABN begun leveraging internet banking. Many (thousands) of web-app were written in java-ee style, deploy on IBM Websphere clustered machines. Remote EJB2 and JNDI was the prefered way to create small and flexible applications. Everything was focussed to _prevent_ deployments at all costs. Because of the long deployment cycle. Nowadays, we […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Holly Cummins – Cloud chaos and microservices mayhem

The way we use Java has changed. Applets – or any browser-side Java – are a long, long, time ago. Java moved to the back end, and stayed there, but the back-end has gotten bigger, more distributed, and more complicated. Some things that were a good idea ten years ago turn out to be a […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Igmar Palsenberg – Shifting gear, A Reactive Story in Banking

When I joined ING, I was new to payments. I quickly learned that payments is a complex beast. Payments are in a lot of cases is based on “old” technologies, since it’s usually one of the oldest service the bank runs. Most banks still run a considerable amount of COBOL code. That by itself poses […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ignite Sessions

Tetris Shaped Developers By Berwout de Vries Robles T-shaped professionals is a term we have used to describe people working in Software Development for years now and it did not age well. It no longer accurately describes the field of Software Development and on top of that it is a much too boring account of […]