J-Fall Virtual 2020: Ádám Sándor – Modernize and Automate your Java Application for Kubernetes

Java applications can be a pain to operate on Kubernetes as many of them have been developed without containers and Kubernetes in mind. Operations folks are forced to understand how each of them gets configured (was that a system property or env var?) how it was crammed into a Docker image (Spring Boot self contained jar or War file in Tomcat?). It would be great to provide them with easy to use abstractions that work well on Kubernetes. Enter Custom Resources and Operators… I will explain how to make a Java application properly Kubernetes-native by upgrading good old Tomcat. This will involve creating a Kubernetes Tomcat-Operator using the java-operator-sdk. It will be a very hands-on presentation, spending most of the time on the code itself. If you are a Java dev interested in working more closely and productively with your ops team, or just want to go deeper into Kubernetes-land this talk is for you. Prior knowledge of Kubernete is useful, but not required.

Bio Adam:

Adam is a Cloud Native Architect at Container Solutions based in Amsterdam, helping companies adopt Cloud Native tech. Coming from a Java-dev background he is most excited about the space where software development and operations meet. When he is not flying in DCS World he is hacking on CI/CD, GitOps and Kubernetes Operators.

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