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J-Fall 2015 Speaker Rene Boere & Pascal Snippen – Pushing the limits of Continuous Delivery

Containers, cloud platformen, Service Discovery en Continuous Delivery zijn technologieën die zich momenteel razendsnel ontwikkelen. We passen allemaal al jaren Continuous Integration gecombineerd met unittesten toe in onze projecten. In deze sessie geeft Quintor haar visie hoe we Continuous Integration de komende jaren zien evolueren naar een Continuous Delivery omgeving op Web-scale formaat, gebruikmakend van […]

J-Fall 2018: Jay Rajani – Axon Framework : A CQRS Approach to Microservices

As Microservices has become the boom, a lot of frameworks and approaches are claiming to be the best. The CQRS pattern has also been rejuvenated with this trend. If you want to use CQRS, Axon framework can be very helpful to build a scalable application by addressing core concerns in the architecture itself. But remember […]

Future Tech 2019: Eldert Grootenboer – Solidifying industrial IoT with Azure IoT Hub

In this session we will dive into IoT Hub and how we can use it to incorporate our devices. We will go into the management, device to cloud and cloud to device capabilities of IoT Hub, as well as see how we can use Dynamics 365 extend on this. Using Connected Field Services we can […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Rob Vermeulen & Jamie Craane – M-Lab: innovatieve apps in het OV (NS)

Een klein team van zeven man ontwikkelt de mobiele apps voor de Nederlandse Spoorwegen waarvan de NS ReisPlanner Xtra de bekendste is met meer dan 4 miljoen downloads. Naast de RPX ontwikkelt het team verschillende apps variërend voor smart watches tot grote 72 inch schermen waaronder de applicaties in de OV service winkels. Tijdens deze […]

J-Fall Virtual 2020: Alex Soto – Serverless-Native Java with Quarkus

Serverless architecture is exactly the opposite of a monolith architecture, small services (or functions) running in a constrained running environment (limited access to CPU and memory). Furthermore, as we move to a model where we pay per usage, the services might need to go from 0 to infinite instances in a matter of milliseconds to […]

J-Fall 2018: Armando Ramirez – Demystifying Kubernetes and Containers Orchestration for Developers

Have you ever felt, as a software engineer, the need or the curiosity to understand more about the world of containers and container orchestration? Understanding the parts of the system underneath our applications will give us confidence and will help us to design, build and deliver better software. In a world of cloud native applications, […]

J-Fall 2016 Speaker Geertjan Wielenga & Remco de Blok – Visualizing Data i/t Cloud with Oracle JET

Data in the Cloud needs to be visualized in interesting and understandable ways on mobile devices, tablets, and via desktop browsers, which is the key reason for the existence of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit. Oracle JET is a free and open source toolkit, providing a solid basis for enterprise JavaScript applications, including built-in solutions […]

Future Tech 2019: Jan de Vries – Do proper monoliths before you do microservices!

Have you jumped the microservices bandwagon yet? If so, do you regret it? If not, be sure to listen to this talk first! Chances are you are in a big pain if the overall architecture isn’t designed properly. A lot of people focus on creating small services which do one single thing. A great idea […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Ray Tsang – Java-based microservices, containers, Kubernetes – how to

Join this session to learn how to create a Java-based microservice using Spring Boot, containerize it using Maven plugins, and subsequently deploy a fleet of microservices and dependent components such as Redis using Kubernetes. Spring Boot makes creating microservices fast and easy – when it comes to running a single instance. Like most Java application, […]

Future Tech Masterclasses Live: Scott Hunter – .NET Cloud Native and Microservices

Today you hear terms like Microservices, Kubernetes, Containers and Docker. In this talk Scott Hunter from the .NET will talk about all the features in .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 that make .NET the best platform for building cloud native applications. You will learn about enhancements to Web API’s with Open API the new […]