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Future Tech 2019: Alessandro Vozza – Deploying scalable Machine Learning models with Kubernetes

Where data scientists meet DevOps: how to deploy, manage, train and serve Machine Learning models at scale in the cloud with popular open source tools like Kubeflow, on the most popular container orchestration and microservices: Kubernetes. Applying widespread concepts like continuous delivery and infrastructure as code, we will show how simple and streamlined it can […]

Future Tech 2019: Carl in ‘t Veld – Introducing Azure Durable Functions for serverless .NET orchestrations

Maybe you were assuming Azure Functions are purely stateless and short-lived. Guess again! Enter Durable Functions, a new open-source extension to Azure Functions that enables long running orchestrations and stateful processes to execute as serverless functions. In this session you will learn how to write durable functions, and patterns and practices to write simple or complex […]

Future Tech 2019: Eldert Grootenboer – Solidifying industrial IoT with Azure IoT Hub

In this session we will dive into IoT Hub and how we can use it to incorporate our devices. We will go into the management, device to cloud and cloud to device capabilities of IoT Hub, as well as see how we can use Dynamics 365 extend on this. Using Connected Field Services we can […]

Future Tech 2019: Jan de Vries – Do proper monoliths before you do microservices!

Have you jumped the microservices bandwagon yet? If so, do you regret it? If not, be sure to listen to this talk first! Chances are you are in a big pain if the overall architecture isn’t designed properly. A lot of people focus on creating small services which do one single thing. A great idea […]

Future Tech Masterclasses Live: April Edwards & Abel Wang – Agile to DevOps with GitHub Actions

Especially for the Future Tech Masterclasses, Microsoft’s April Edwards and Abel Wang will do a joint session! They’ll share all the excitement around agile working, DevOps, and how you can use GitHub Actions to deploy your applications! Bio April: April is a senior software engineer and cloud advocate for Microsoft specializing in datacentre modernization and […]

Future Tech Masterclasses Live: Scott Hunter – .NET Cloud Native and Microservices

Today you hear terms like Microservices, Kubernetes, Containers and Docker. In this talk Scott Hunter from the .NET will talk about all the features in .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5 that make .NET the best platform for building cloud native applications. You will learn about enhancements to Web API’s with Open API the new […]

J-Fall 2014 speaker Mylène Reiners – Microservices – het hoe en waarom…

Een microservice is in wezen niks nieuws, maar zoals elke substantiële verandering in ons vak, berust het op een aantal geslaagde concepten uit het verleden, aangevuld met net dat beetje extra dat het tot een succes kan maken. Denk aan het Unix concept: bouw een klein programma dat één ding kan, maar dat ene wel […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Carlo Sciolla – Operating Clojure Microservices (Sytac)

The latest trend in software architecture, microservices help you optimizing your code towards continuous delivery and automomous product teams. However, they also introduce their own peculiar challanges when operating them in a live production site. This talk explores such challenges and provides a sample blueprint for a microservices based continuous delivery setup. The main language […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker Gerrit Grunwald – Healthcare for the Elderly using the IoT (Oracle)

The Healthcare situation in cities might be good but for the elderly population on the country side it is often problematic. In this session it will be shown how one can use a mobile phone and a smart watch in combination with a Java based gateway and iBeacons to monitor the activity of elderly people. […]

J-Fall 2015 Speaker James Weaver – Composing Music in the Cloud

Leveraging the power of Cloud Services, this session demonstrates how music can be analyzed and composed in real-time to augment musical performance with a futuristic instrument. This session contains an introduction to relevant cloud services, and an introduction to music theory and composition. This session also has musical demonstrations and code snippets scattered throughout. In […]