J-Fall 2018: Erik Mulder – Create your own Digital Adventure Room

Coding just ‘virtual’ software can get boring, it just lives ‘inside the machine’. You start wondering how to let your code act on the real world (especially when your kids ask what the heck you are actually doing for a living). A smart home is nice for sure, but let’s think bigger and cooler: a digital adventure (escape) room for kids!

In this talk I will show you how I created a castle themed play room full of IoT and code that brings both me and my kids a lot of joy! I will go into the decoration of the room, the video and audio setup and how to combine it all into a scriptable interactive adventure. Come join me for fun and inspiration!

Erik Mulder

public class ErikMulder implements PassionateProgrammer, IoTEnthusiast, HappyDad { public BloodSweatAndTears createCoolAdventureRoomForKids() { spendALotOfEvenings(); } }

Erik works as senior software engineer in a data science team. He is passionate about coding and high quality software. In his spare time, he enjoys installing gadgets in his smart home and creating software to link them all together. His latest pet project is creating an adventure room for his kids, full of interactive IoT elements.

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