J-Fall 2018: Tim Prijn & Egbert Pot – Share your rocket-science-grade problems with hyper advanced Lightboard Technology

At the Rabobank we apply several forms of knowledge sharing. Besides, presentations, workshops, BrainBits, we now apply Lightboard Technology. This session will introduce and demo this form of knowledge sharing. At the end the attendees will know about the benefits, our learnings and of course how to create a board (with their team) themselves and how to tape these awesome movies.

Tim Prijn

Tim is Software Engineer and co-founder of Mindloops.

Egbert Pot

Egbert is fascinated by computer hardware and software since his dad bought a 266MHz Pentium II computer. Since then, many kernels have been compiled causing even more system crashes. Egbert thinks that the quickest way of learning is by doing. Egbert studied Aerospace Engineering and started working at a small digital advertising agency building failsafe ad-servers. Now Egbert works at Rabobank in one of the platform teams, trying to speed up the way our Java-teams can deliver software to our customers.

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