Future Tech Masterclasses Live: Gian Paolo Santopaolo – gRPC is the new WCF

Google RPC and Protocol Buffers are becoming industry standards for exchanging data across systems; they are now natively integrated into .Net Core to become the new WCF with pluggable support for load balancing, tracing, health checking, and authentication. gRPC benefits from new features introduced in HTTP/2 like framing, bidirectional streaming, header compression, multiplexing, and flow control used to build highly performant and scalable APIs and it now also support JavaScript web clients! In this course we will deep dive how to implement this new and cross platform communication layer in C# and .Net Core including highlights and pitfalls to start building successful apps on top of it. You’ll learn how it works, what it’s capable of, and lessons from deploying it into production systems. Benefits of Attending this Session:

• How gRPC works and what is capable of

• Platform highlights and pitfalls

• Become familiar with unary, server, client and bi-directional streaming API

• Lesson learned from deploying it in productions

Bio Gian:

Gian Paolo’s career spans the 21st century of tech, with 18+ years of experience covering the entire breadth of the .Net/Azure development ecosystem. Over the past two decades, he has led the architecture, design, and development of highly scalable enterprise applications, implementing the latest technologies both on-premise and in the Azure Cloud. He contributes heavily to multiple projects involving AI, Ink, Touch, Gestures, Voice, and VR/AR. He has worked for more than a decade in banking and finance enterprise development. He also has extensive skills in client user experience design and development. Starting in October 2012, Microsoft has annually honored Gian Paolo with the MVP award (Most Valuable Professional http://mvp.microsoft.com) for the development of Windows, ink, and touch applications. From 2018 to 2020, for his commitment to the enterprise cloud and NUI, he was also recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director (https://rd.microsoft.com/en-us/about/ ), a restricted group of 175 tech and business people worldwide. Because of their leadership positions, passion, commitment to technology and business excellence, RDs have the access necessary to provide feedback directly to Microsoft’s senior leadership team, including Satya. He currently serves as technical fellow at IBV Solutions in Bonstetten, Switzerland while still leading the dev teams, providing code guidance and mentoring, and engaging in R&D duties. He supports sales engineering by going out into the field with the business people to talk to customers and partners. Last but not least, he also works with product management to close the barrier between the dev teams and the business. Gian uses his proven communication skills to share his insights with the developer community and to learn from it. He has come to realize that because the Emerging Experiences ecosystem is always evolving, it will always outpace any standards we attempt to impose upon it. Consequently, exchanging ideas with a diverse group of skilled people is the only way to find the best solutions from which everyone can benefit. In Gian’s everyday life this translates into two prime directives: share and be passionate. Always share your expertise because history teaches us that sharing knowledge leads to collective growth. Always be passionate because passion gives our lives purpose.

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