IoT Developers Day 2015 – Bas Geerdink deel 1

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After providing a brief introduction of the streaming computing landscape, we describe a RESTful API called “Coral” meant to design and deploy customized and flexible data flows. The user can compose data flow for a number of data streaming goals such as on-the-fly data clustering and classifiers, streaming analytics, per-event predictive analysis , real time recommenders. Once the events are processed, Coral passes the resulting analysis as actionable events for alerting, messaging or further processing to other systems. Coral is a flexible and generic event processing platform to transform streaming data into actionable events via a RESTful API. Those data flows are defined via the Web API by connecting together basic streaming processing elements named “coral actors”. The Coral framework manages those actors on a distributed and scalable architecture. The “Coral” streaming processing engine is generic and built on top of world class libraries such as Akka and Spark, and fully exposed via a RESTful web API.

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