TEQnation 2019: Daniël Wedema – Why the gap between frontend and backend is closing

Web development has created a divided community with two sides: frontend versus backend. Traditionally frontend developers see backend code as needlessly verbose, while backend developers dislike frontend code for allowing dirty hacks and needing a jungle of ever-changing tools. However, over time the coding requirements of both sides are growing towards each other. This session will tell the story of de Volksbank and demonstrate how similar frontend code has become to backend code. At the end of this session all developers should have lost their fear of the ‘other side’ and feel comfortable to participate on any code base.

Bio Daniël

Daniël Wedema started his passion for programming at the Artificial Intelligence lab in Groningen. After moving to the Big City in de Randstad, Daniël worked on several web development projects focusing on the backend before joining de Volksbank. Here a team was formed to create a platform for multi-themed multi-channel enterprise scale frontend applications. The love for the dynamic frontend world started, but suffered hard times during the chaotic JavaScript era. The introduction of TypeScript and its use in major web frameworks reignited the love. Finally scalable frontend development is possible. Since then Daniël has been preaching the frontend gospel and tries to reconnect an enthusiastic community of full stack web developers.

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