TEQnation 2022: Urs Peter – Event-Driven Microservices = Microservices Done Right

Are you slowly getting this uncomfortable feeling that Microservices might have brought you more trouble than relief? Have your Microservices turned into a landscape of distributed monoliths, tightly coupled and tangled, where a failure of one service cascades to many others? Have you implemented complex circuit breaker logic and other retry mechanisms or made essential services highly available with lots of money and/or effort to work around these problems? Then it’s the highest time you get acquainted with Event-Driven Microservices that catapult the mentioned horror stories to where they belong: the past. Starting from clean design principles Microservices should be based on, we will first look at the consequences of ignoring them. Consequently, let me introduce you to superhero: Mr. Event, to show you the critical role he plays in cleanly designed Microservices that live up to the promise of stable, resilient, autonomous, and scalable system components you always were dreaming of. Along the way, we will explore a variety of Event-Driven patterns like Database per Service, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Distributed Transactions 2.0, and Saga’s so you get to know tangible design tools that constitute the cornerstone of Microservices Done Right. At the of this talk, you know the power an Event-Driven approach will bring you so that your belief in Microservices can be restored.

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