TEQnation 2022: Paul van der Slot – Writing cleaner code with Domain-Driven Design

I always thought that my code was fine. I took my time for naming things, wrote small classes/methods and tried to use other Clean Code practices. But after a job interview with a technical coach, I was pointed towards Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and some other design topics. I could learn a lot from it, said the technical coach. And I did! Since then, I started noticing how much parts of DDD could help with my day to day job. I will take you with me on my learning journey of Domain-Driven Design, and how it helped me improve my code. We will touch upon themes like Ubiquitous Language, Supple Design, Bounded Contexts and more. You can expect a talk with a lot of code examples and practical advise that you can use the next day.

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