TEQnation 2023: Introduction to the Data Cloud – Andre Molenaar

The introduction to The Data Cloud tells the Snowflake story across 7 pillars, to make the Data Cloud truly different from anything that’s been available in the past.We’ve taken the learnings from familiar technologies, building on the shoulders of giants, to deliver a new approach that removes many of the challenges and limitations of the past. Which has resulted in a powerful solution where you can bring all data together, have a single engine to access it all and support all types of workloads, all governed at the core.Additionally, all that is now available globally – connecting your teams, across regions, and clouds through a seamless experience. It delivers all this as a simple, self-managed platform that you can trust just works, even as we expand support into flexible and powerful ways to program against the Data Cloud with SQL, Python, and more.And finally, it unlocks possibilities for your business whether it’s consuming the most relevant data, services, and apps, or even opening up new revenue streams through the Marketplace.Using these pillars as our guide, we’ll showcase both what makes the Snowflake platform unique, and how companies like yours are benefiting from the Data Cloud.

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