J-Fall 2017 Speaker Lucas Jellema – Event Bus as Backbone for Decoupled Microservice Choreography

Microservices are independent, encapsulated entities that produce meaningful results and business functionality in tentative collaboration. Events and pub/sub are great for allowing such decoupled interaction. Using Apache Kafka as robust, distributed, real-time, high volume event bus, this session demonstrates how microservices packaged with Docker and implemented in Java, Node, Python and SQL collaborate unknowingly. The microservices respond to social (media) events – courtesy of IFTTT – and publish results to multiple channels. The event bus operates across cloud services and on premises platforms such as Kubernetes: both the bus and the microservicescan run anywhere. A microservices platform is discussed with generic capabilities.

Bio Lucas Jellema:

Lucas Jellema is solution architect and CTO at AMIS, The Netherlands. The running theme through most of his activities is transfer of knowledge and enthusiasm (and live demos). Lucas is JavaOne 2015 Rockstar, Oracle Developer Champion and ACE Director and a frequent speaker at conferences such as Oracle Code, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Devoxx. He publishes techy stuff at Github, Slideshare, DZone, OTN, and the AMIS Technology Blog. He is the author of two books with O’Reilly Press.

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