J-Fall 2018: Joost Lobbes – Rabo Online Banking – How Technology is changing an entire industry

Banks have transferred into Tech companies that are facing a new era, in which their business models will be completely changed by the opportunities that technology is now giving them. Instead of competing with each other, new competition is coming from FinTechs and BigTechs. Innovative products and customer experience are key in order to survive. In order to face these new challenges cool new technology is used by Rabobank to create the best possible customer experience. Joost Lobbes will take you through some of these new developments in an inspiring story about the transformation of online banking and will share some of his personal views.

Joost Lobbes

Joost Lobbes is Product Manager for Rabo Online Banking at Rabobank. He is passionate about technology, innovation and building great products for customers. Previous speaker experience: Many internal presentations, European Digital Banking Summit, FinTech Insider Podcast.

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